Remodeling a 1950 Bathroom

Retro Style bathroom

After moving into the old 1950 home with everything exactly as it had been all those years ago it was time for a change. A bathroom is to be a place where a person can get away from everyone and everything. Having a family of six the bathroom is the last place to go and find privacy. When the family was not coming in during my bath time the red and pink striped walls looked back at me. Even when I closed my eyes the imagines were still there. We all needed a bathroom that looked and functioned in the time period we were living in.

Finally the decision was made to use Phoenix bathroom remodeling. Our family did not cherish or look forward to a renovation, but we knew there was no other choice. Locating a reliable contractor with reliable workers the demolition of the bathroom proceeded. In order to save money the whole family stepped into help. Questions were asked and a new bathroom was drawn up with colors and changes made with new sinks, toilet, shower, bathtub, faucet features, floor tile and wall tile, and lighting.

With a house built in the 1950’s there were very few codes and regulations when it came to electricity and plumbing. Tearing down walls, or tearing the tile off the floor or off the wall one never knows what they might find. Unfortunately the family found out that the pipes for the plumbing were the wrong type and all the pipes that had been uncovered needed to be replaced.

The family also found out that there were hanging wires that were not attached to anything at all and all the electric wiring had to be up-dated to code. Another problem the family found inside the walls was asbestos. There was a considerable amount of asbestos and the family was asked to leave the premises while asbestos experts came to evaluate the situation. Finally the asbestos was disposed of within proper regulations and the family was allowed to return and continue to help with the remodeling of their bathroom.

kitchenWith a large family and so many ideas of what the new bathroom should have in it there were constant disagreements on how the new bathroom should look. Finally the contractor stepped in and suggested that every member of the family make one suggestion. Each suggestion would be used either individually or as a combined effort.

You can do the same for kitchen. You can have a 1950 kitchen remodeling. You will love your kitchen in this style and all that has been done in it when you have had the right company work in it. You will enjoy all of the new features that are in it, and you will love how you feel when you are moving about the space, doing what you love best. The kitchen will be a room for you to feel proud of, and you will be glad that the company you hired was the best one around. Every bit of research that you put into finding the company will be worth it when they take care of the work in a good way.